Holi Celebration With Dls-2019-20

HOLI CELEBRATION WITH DLS-2019-20 At the onset we would like to thank our channel partners for being a salient KREPL’s affiliate and for your continued contributions to KREPL’s growth. We hope you and your family are safe in this pandemic COVID-19. We are grateful to God that we all have got an opportunity to serve […]

Women’s Day Meet

Women’s Day Meet International Women’s Day was celebrated with enthusiasm and zeal on 8th March 2021. All women employees of KREPL, ALSC, Sankalp and Truly from different parts of the Country were connected together virtually on Monday through Zoom Call Video Conferencing. More than 30 Women employee participated in the event and shared their life […]

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day Every year 8th March marks International Women’s Day, when countries all over the world celebrate the achievements of women and come together for gender equality. First celebrated in 1911, International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate women who haveve made history and continue to champion change and encourage future generations. When […]

Krishaj Foundation

Krishaj Foundation As an organisation, social responsibility has been few of the core values we have stood by at Krishi Rasayan. Various initiatives have been implemented in past under the umbrella of our Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts. Over last 2 years, we have developed a new vision towards doing our bit for the society and […]

Krishaj Art Competition

 Krishaj Art Competition We launched our first ever organization wide Art Competition, keeping the above quote in mind. We wanted to encourage the inherent creativity of our team members (& their family members) and give them an avenue to showcase their talent. We take immense pride in the fact that we have received an overwhelming […]

Environment Friendly Pest Management

Environment Friendly Pest Management By Dr. Abdul Rauf Repeated application re-application of toxic organophosphates, carbamates and chlorinated hydrocarbons is affecting the environment. Indiscriminate pesticide use has polluted air, water and soil and it is still continue in many forms. It is causing may problems like disrupting the food chain, loss of biodiversity and upsetting the […]

Bio-acoustic Pest Management

Bio-acoustic Pest Management By Dr. Abdul Rauf The search for environmentally safe and non-toxic pest management techniques has given many innovative methodologies. With the development of new agricultural technologies, bio-acoustics technology has developed as a new tool of pest management. Bio-acoustics is the branch of science dealing with the sounds produced of living organisms. It […]

Krishi Rasayan Group Opening Doors to Crop Nutrition

Krishi Rasayan Group Opening Doors to Crop Nutrition Starting with the aim to provide best quality products at most competitive price & best in class farm services gave birth & wings to “Krishaj Nutrients Division”- KND in Krishi Rasayan Group to progress & prosper. KND business has been focusing to utilize following trends of Indian […]

Protect your Cars from Rodents

Protect your Cars from Rodents By Dr. Rauf Rodents are attracted towards cars as these provide an ideal home during summer, rainy and winter season. Sometimes the cars are parked outside near the areas having rodent foods and burrows. Rats find the car engines the safest, warm, dry, dark, quit places that provide an ideal […]

Krishi Rasayan Group: “Seizing the Opportunity, Backward integration, Moving

Krishi Rasayan Group: “Seizing the Opportunity, Backward integration, Moving Krishi Rasayan Group was established in the year 1966. Now this 54-year-old group  has become a major agrochemical company, having been involved in technical and formulated agrochemicals, biotechnology, IT infrastructure, solid waste management, inland transport, poultry feed, pest control & real estate, R&D, contract research and […]

Creating a Future Ready KREPL at Krishaj Connect

Creating a Future Ready KREPL at Krishaj Connect Mr. Rajesh Agarwal, Joint Managing Director, KREPL Mr. Rajesh Agarwal spoke on the future of KREPL and the focus areas of the organization moving forward. Being the visionary leader he is, Mr. Agarwal shared his enthusiasm for the आत्मानिर्भर भारत campaign. He elaborated that the company views ongoing crisis as […]

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