By Shreya Jain


International women’s day is celebrated on March 8 every year to acknowledge women; their achievements, struggles and victories. Women’s day was first organised by the Socialist Party of America in 1909 in the New York City to commemorate the then ongoing protests by women. Two years later, it started being recognised internationally.


We live in a patriarchal society. Do you know that around the world, women had to fight for rights like driving, voting, inheriting property and things as basic yet vital as getting educated and getting a regular job? Even though things may be better in 21st century, and we know that women are more than just some delicate soft spoken beings, but we cannot forget about the ones who actually made this happen!  This day is in honour of those women. From Savitribai Phule who started first schools in India for women to Kalpana Chawla to Draupadi Murmu to Indira Nooyi and Priayanka Chopra, who have broken all barriers and have become a feminist icon.


Women are amazing! Just look at the women in your life, co-workers, bosses, mothers, spouses, daughters… this is a day for them! To remind them that even though the world makes them feel less, they are not. This is a day where we remind our ladies that they can dream and also achieve them.


Women have been a subject to n number of crimes, injustices and discrimination ever since. On this day there are conferences and shows at various communal and corporate level that aim to make people aware of the rights and achievements of women. The aim is also to pledge that there would be no wrongdoings and more empowerment for women!


Women are fascinating, they just need equal opportunities and they will run the world! Don’t just respect women for one day a year; remind yourself to do this every day on March 8. Let’s aim to make our men and boys more of a feminist. Let’s hope to make this world a place where women don’t have the need to be protected.


Happy Women’s Day to all of you!!

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