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Agriculture is one of the most important aspects of everyone’s life . It is something that is necessary for the survival of each and every human being. So in this area we are also providing products in the field of agriculture to the farmers so that, farming can be more prosperous.  Sankalp retail stores are continuously providing the best products to the farmers in the field of agriculture. The products manufactured by our organization are proving effective in increasing the yield of crops and saving them from natural calamities continuously since last years.


In Seed category, Sankalp Retail store launched  Many type of new (SQU)  in vegetable seeds,new segments like hybrid maize , fodder maize , along with sudan grass.

First time launch of KGP (kitchen garden packing ).


In Vet category also sankalp retail store introduced suppliement all over india in the month of January 2022.


We are currently working in total 58 number of stores in pan india, and in coming days sankalp is also planning to open  many more  new stores.


We will continue to create new products like this in the coming years also with our tireless work and our experimentation methods.

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