Taping New Technology

By Atul Jain

As we march into a new financial year we are happy to inform you that we have successfully rolled out SAP. Our finance and accounts team along with our SAP consultants have been working day and night for the past few months, and finally we were able to launch it last week. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartiest congratulations to all the members of KRISHAJ family who supplemented our understanding through their inputs and supported us over this journey of organization wide transformation. While SAP will facilitate immense value addition to our day to day business processes at a rapid pace, we look forward to your support and patience in the upcoming months so as to make this change as smooth as possible.

Brief About SAP: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) packages such as SAP are huge resources for companies focused on consistent and enhanced business outcomes. SAP software provides multiple business functions with a single view of the truth. This helps companies better manage complex business processes by giving employees of different departments easy access to real-time insights across the enterprise. As a result, businesses can accelerate workflows, improve operational efficiency, raise productivity, enhance customer experiences – and ultimately achieve the desired goal.

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