Use Of Drones In Integrated Pest Management

By Dr. Abdul Rauf

19th Nov 2019

Management of sustainable agriculture requires fast information about the condition of the crops and quick responses to contain the undesirable emergence of pests.  Recently, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones is increasing in pesticide application to wide range of crops with very promising results. It is directly affecting the productivity and cost effectiveness.  The drones equipped with sprayers are being used in Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and China. Drones also perform precision monitoring of cultivated fields by multispectral and visible cameras. This new application technology for agrochemicals is considered as a high efficiency and a low cost alternative to the classical methods of pesticide application.

Apart from the use of drones in agricultural fields, it can also be used in urban and industrial pest management. Drones are being used in inspection of roof tops without ladder. It is giving a better view faster and a safer inspection process. Use of drones is making many complex tasks simpler, less dangerous, save time and perform jobs with greater accuracy. Drones can be used in many IPM works like management of honey bees, control of bats, control of squirrels, survey of historic buildings, measurement of treated areas and Inspection of wild and dangerous animals. Drones have been successfully used in controlling birds on airports.

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