Rodent May Cause Dangerous Fires!

By Dr. Abdul Rauf

26th Oct 2019

Rodents (Rats and Mice) causes large scale damage to house structures and property. They damage wooden structures, papers, plastics and electrical wirings.

Rodents gnaw everything they get in. Rodents’ teeth are constantly growing to help file they gnaw on every surface. If they do not gnaw frequently to file and size their teeth, it can grow so long that they would no longer be able to feed themselves and die of starvation. Rodents even chew on electrical wires; the insulation on wires protects them. When rodent gnaw the wire, it shot circuits causing a spark that causes fire in nearby wood, paper or other material.

The houses should be thoroughly cleaned as the rodents are attracted towards the junk and waste to feed and make their nests. Secondly, the houses should be made rodent proof. There should not be any gap, hole or entry point through which the rodent may enter your property. Even a gap of less than half inch is enough for mice to enter.

Truly Nolen’s Three Zone Rodent Management Plan is implemented by our professional team to manage the rodents. We do not use any poisonous bait, only glue baits and cages are used. Our proactive method makes a premise safe from zoonotic diseases, structural damages and safety from electrical short circuit leading to fire.  

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