Protect your Cars from Rodents

By Dr. Rauf

Rodents are attracted towards cars as these provide an ideal home during summer, rainy and winter season. Sometimes the cars are parked outside near the areas having rodent foods and burrows. Rats find the car engines the safest, warm, dry, dark, quit places that provide an ideal shelter for resting, hiding and breeding. Gnawed wire insulation, clogged vents, nesting materials at the engine, droppings, shredded upholstery and rodent smell inside the cars are some of the signs of rodent infestation in cars.

Rodents make the car dirty by their excreta and urine. Their nests disturb the ventilation of the cars and they destroy the upholstery of seats. Rodents cause a very serious damage to cars by gnawing the insulated wire coverings, choking the air filters, vents, damaging the car seats. There are some organic insulated wire covering that are highly palatable to rats. The rodent infestation and chewing of engine wires results in big loss to electrical system of cars. The light of dash board and other lighting system fails, automatic closure of glasses, doors, and locking system get severely damaged by rodent gnawing activity. The car fails to start and even electrical short circuits are the major cause of hazardous car fires.

To prevent the infestation of rodents always park car away from foliage on ground, rodent burrows, garbage trash areas and waste food bins. Do not keep any food waste containers near parking sheds. Do not leave any food material inside the cars. Avoid moisture inside the cars. If you hear rodent sound inside the parked car, park it in well lighted area. Open the hood during night.

Many methods are being used to control the rodent infestation in cars i.e.,

  • Installing of Ultrasonic alarms and Lights around the cars,
  • Application of rodent repellent smells around engine and car.
  • Trapping by glue and mechanical traps and Opening of hood at nights

These rodent infestations lead to costly repair of auto electric problems and even lead to car fires. Therefore, one should always take the help of Pest control Professionals. 

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