Pest Problems after Heavy Rains and Their Control 

By Dr. Abdul Rauf

22nd June 2019

Many parts of our country face heavy rains during rainy season each year. Water logging is common and the roads become heavily flooded. Rain water damages many low lying areas by entering office spaces, houses and other building structures. The life seems to slow down.

Pest Problems after Heavy Rain:

Rodent Problems:

The flood water reaches the shelters cracks and crevices, holes and resting sites of pests. The rodents face a sudden emergency as water enters their hidings in burrows. They try to enter the building and human dwellings. In some areas the rodents become the main problem.

Ant Problem:

As water flood their underground nests, ants become very common after rains and flooding. They try to reach dry areas and cling together to cross the flowing water. They invade houses and become a problem by contaminating the eatable food materials. Carpenter ants and fire ants become are a major issue. 

Fly Problem:

When the sewage is overflowing and other dirt and excreta also enters the water stream the flies are attracted to it. The filthy flies start laying eggs on rotting organic material. Their lifecycle is very short and the fly population may explode during rains and flood.

Mosquito Problem:

Mosquitoes breed in water and rain brings water logging in many places. Water is filled in ditches, artificial and natural containers. It provides large number of breeding grounds for the mosquitoes.

Other Pests:

Snakes, scorpions, millipedes and centipedes can invade the houses and can pose serious problems too.

Diseases Outbreak:

There is a high risk of diseases like cholera and diarrhea infections during heavy rain and flood season. Dengue fever, malaria, E.coli, salmonella, and asthma are just a few that can make a healthy person sick. There is a potential danger for asthma attacks, respiratory diseases, rodent allergens, bacteria and food contamination other germs spread by pests.  

Prevention and Control:

  • Close the entry points to stop the pest entry and maintain sanitation inside and around the houses. Stop the Moisture and Leaks.
  • Call TRULY PROFESSIONALS; they will install a strong chemical barrier around your home. It will repel or kill the smaller pests like insects, centipedes and millipedes. Pesticide application should be done only by experienced applicators and safe products should be used inside the houses.  
  • Treatment with a Microbial Disinfectant is a must after very heavy rain or flooding to control the deadly bacteria, germs and fungus. Truly Pest Solution Pvt. Ltd. has a highly effective surface microbial disinfectant that controls the germs and, bacteria for a month.    

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