Farmers should Increase their Income by Adopting Innovation

By Surinder Mattoo

25th December 2019

Agriculture in today’s time is about a lot more than just a farmer simply planting a seed, rearing a cow or catching a fish. It takes a whole ecosystem and a host of actors to work together to produce the food we need for population of more than 1.4 billion people.

Innovation is not only driven by technological advances, but also through novel ways of organizing farmers and connecting them to the information they need. Many small scale farmers across the globe still use the ancient farming practices used by their ancestors thousands of years ago.

Where traditional farming approaches may continue to work for some, but new practices can help many more to achieve substantially improved yields, soil quality and natural capital as well as food and nutrition security. For example, small scale farmers might still scatter her seeds across the land, rather than planting evenly and in rows. This restricts the plant’s roots from gaining the maximum amount of nutrients from the soil. Farmer may plant the same crop year after year, rather than rotating their crops or planting a range of crops together to grow more, maintain soil health and diversify his family’s diet.

Farmers themselves can be organized in innovative ways so they are reached more easily and communication about new technology can flow effectively. For instance, advances in satellite mapping and information and communications technologies (ICTs) are transforming more traditional agricultural data collection. Farming is becoming more precise and productive as a result.

In India, Rabi is a major season for good crop production. In Rabi season crops like wheat, oats, mustard, mustard, yellow mustard, maize, gram, peas, lentil, Rajma, and vegetables are cultivated. The biggest feature of the Rabi season is that the risk of natural disaster is very less during this time. The farmer can earn large profits in this season with low cost. In this season sowing techniques and package and practices of the crops is very important. Keeping this in mind farmers take higher yields sowing through Zero Tillage method for wheat.  Zero Tillage is the best method which is very useful and cost effective technique.

Many a times farmers face yield loss due to lack of scientific method in agriculture and the cost of cultivation is too high. Farmers need to do seed treatment before sowing; by following this technique they may get control over diseases as well as increase in production.

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