Environment Friendly Pest Management

By Dr. Abdul Rauf

Repeated application re-application of toxic organophosphates, carbamates and chlorinated hydrocarbons is affecting the environment. Indiscriminate pesticide use has polluted air, water and soil and it is still continue in many forms. It is causing may problems like disrupting the food chain, loss of biodiversity and upsetting the delicate balance of nature. A small fraction of pesticide can be hazardous to human beings. Chronic exposure has been linked to birth defects, genetic changes, cancer, nervous system disorders, skin and eye irritation and nausea etc. Insect pests develop resistance due to prolonged use of toxic pesticides. The resistance may be genetic due to mutation and may pass down to their offspring. These chemicals have adverse effects on the grasses, bushes and other plants. They accumulate in soil due to the continuous use and effects the fertility of the soil.

Truly Pest Solution Pvt. Ltd. uses Environment-friendly Integrated Pest Management methods that is rendered in three zones and five steps is highly effective than the traditional methods. Environment friendly approach addresses the root causes of pest infestation and is preventive in nature. Treatment in green zone minimises the pests where they live. We make the building structure pest proof by our inspection and closing the entry ways of pests in yellow zone. The yellow zone treatment prevents the entry of the pests into structure. The proactive preventive five steps method ensures a long term effective control of pests with a minimal use of safe products. Our pest management technician uses only gel and dust in red zone areas. He does not carry the spray pump inside the red zone.

We use odourless, safe and targeted products that do not affect the non-target organisms. It ensures safety for non-target and beneficial insects in the environment. Traditional methods of pest control require to cover food items, clean the fridge, and remove all utensils from cabinets. The hotel kitchens are treated at night when the kitchens stop service. Our approach is totally different and is called ‘quit service’. There will not be any disturbance due to our service. The PMT renders service even when the kitchen and restaurants are in operation. Our truly dust application require special dusters. There is no need to take the spray pumps inside.

Choosing right pest management company is very important. A pest management company can be environment friendly if it follows the IPM and uses least toxic or non-toxic product. Truly Pest Solution Pvt. Ltd. is providing an environment friendly IPM service since more than a decade. Our services are hundred per cent safe and effective. The service is rendered by trained professional PMTs. We use special least toxic and non-toxic odourless products. Our main product is less toxic than the common table salt. It is totally safe for people and environment but deadly for cockroaches.

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