Control of Bedbugs

By Dr. Abdul Rauf

20th Dec 2019

The infestation of bedbugs has become a big and common problem in hotels as the infestation of bedbugs begins with the guests. Bedbugs are transported through luggage or the clothes of guests. Since they feed only on blood, they are not similar to roach or ant infestations which feed on foods that humans eat. Currently there is no viable preventative measure to insure a hotel will  get free of bedbugs. The only way to reduce bedbugs is to inspect the rooms as soon as the guests check out. This is still not a sure method of protection, since these pests will hide in small cracks, behind headboards, in folds or seams of mattresses and other closed, dark areas of the room. They are nocturnal only active at night when they emerge to feed on the host. Well placed glue traps may give us an early warning of an infestation. It is very important that these precaution methods are shared with the hotel clients so they might understand better how these pests enter their structures.

It has been our experience that many times the guest that complains of bedbugs, is actually the guest that brought them into the room. The hotel cannot know this when a guest checks in, but well trained housekeeping staff can watch for signs of problems.

At Truly Pest Solution PVT. Ltd., the technician first makes a thorough inspection before preparing for the treatment of bedbugs. After identifying the problem he determines the best solution for bedbug infestation. He applies the safe chemicals to control the bedbugs. Only CIB approved safe product are used. Treatment is done in cracks and crevices, on headboard, nightstands, dressers, luggage racks and in furniture. For this the bed frame, head board and box spring are opened for treatment. Finally, the service technician communicates with the customer about the treatment.

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