Spreading the colours of Holi from afar!

Spreading the colours of Holi from afar!   Festivals are that time where we meet with our friends, and families, have a good time, and really everything is just so happy and lively. Showering friends and families with those well-thought gifts and feeling like a child again when receiving them back, is an excitement like […]

Women’s Day

By Shreya Jain   International women’s day is celebrated on March 8 every year to acknowledge women; their achievements, struggles and victories. Women’s day was first organised by the Socialist Party of America in 1909 in the New York City to commemorate the then ongoing protests by women. Two years later, it started being recognised […]

ICSCE Exhibition held in DUBAI

By Export Team   Krishaj Group’s International Business Team participated in PMFAI organized ICSCE Exhibition in Dubai between 14th and 15th  Feb 2022. The team was led by our MD Shri Atul Churiwal ji and our Jt. MD Shri Rajesh Agarwal ji and the team comprised of Mr. Pravin Barot, Mr. Shiv Kumar Yadav and […]

Sankalp Retail Stores – Carving a Niche

By Meenakshi   Agriculture is one of the most important aspects of everyone’s life . It is something that is necessary for the survival of each and every human being. So in this area we are also providing products in the field of agriculture to the farmers so that, farming can be more prosperous.  Sankalp […]

Aaya Basant!

By Shreya Jain Festivals are and have always been our ways to mark new beginnings. Be it for changes in weather or harvesting. Since olden times, our culture has seen festivals of Baishakhi (Harvest festival in April), Onam (Harvest Festival in September), Sharad Poornima (indication of coming of colder months) and Basant Panchami, which marks […]

Integrated Pest Management training at PepsiCo.

By Ravi Kumar ​​Truly Pest Solution Pvt Limited had conducted an advanced Integrated Pest Management (IPM) training for all PepsiCo officials and the Quality control team. Mr Ravi Kumar (National Head) from Truly Pest Solution had also shared the outcome of IPM Post-implementation and given certificates to all participants. Advanced IPM understands that pest infestations […]

Kisan Diwas

Kisan Diwas, or National Farmers’ Day is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of former Prime Minister and farmer leader Shree Chaudhary Charan Singh. The idea behind celebrating this day is to express our gratitude to farmers who form the backbone of the country’s economy. Sh. Chaudhary Charan Singh, referred to as the “champion of […]

World Soil Day

World Soil Day is celebrated every year on December 5 and is aimed at spreading awareness about the significance of soil. We are all aware that we need soil for basic survival i.e. food and energy. It is not only home to a number of organic remains, clay and rock particles, found on the Earth’s […]

Sewing Kit Distribution

Sewing Kit Distribution By Bharat Sharma   It was a great moment for all of us on 15th Nov 2021 where Krishaj Foundation along with our channel partner  M/S Agrawal Khad Beej Bhandar Kosi Kalan, Mathura jointly distributed 61 Sewing Machines during the event of mass Marriage of 61 poor girls. This distribution of sewing […]

 Diwali contest’21

Diwali contest’21 By Lakshay Garg     Sankalp Diwali contest’21 was organised at Stores level -Pan India, for “best clean and well decorated” store in Diwali week. Most of the stores have participated in this contest and we have received total 173 participation photos in this contest, out of which two were announced as the […]

Oxygen Plant Inauguration

Oxygen Plant Inauguration By Apurva     Krishi Rasayan Exports Pvt. Limited (KREPL), through its CSR arm KRISHAJ Foundation, has set up PSA based oxygen plant at Gohad in Bhind district (Madhya Pradesh). This has enhanced the medical infrastructure across the region and will be a small but significant step in the fight against the […]

The Importance of Corporate Sustainability

The Importance of Corporate Sustainability By Apurva Sustainability is among the most demanding issues in the world at the moment. Since we are witnessing rapid climate change, many of us are seeking out ways we can reduce our impact on the environment. Over the last few years, there has been an upsurge in companies committing […]

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