Masaki Energy

Technical Name: PSB with Beneficial microbes- under FCO

Features: Bio Fertilizer ( Approved by RSOCA & ECOCERT for Organic Farming)


  • All Crops


  • Soil Health & Crop Health


  • 500 ml per acre for soil application


  • Masaki Energy is a biofertilizer for soil application containing beneficial microbes (PSB)
  • Masaki Energy is formulated through proprietary UPT process that results in very stable product with long shelf life
  • Beneficial Microbes colonizes around the crop roots and helps in fixing nitrogen, mobilizing potassium, solubilizing Phosphate & Zinc etc
  • Helps to improve fertilizer use efficiency, root development and plant growth and ultimately helps Enhancing marketable yield of crops and improves the produce quality
  • Better yield and improved quality of produce help farmers in gaining additional income
  • Masaki Energy helps Improving the soil fertility and structure over repeated applications in the same fields
  • Masaki Energy helps plants in Increased resistance towards salinity and drought
  • Masaki Energy can be used in all the crops within 30 days of sowing/transplanting through drip irrigation/Soil drenching or mixed with K
  • Max Energy and broadcast in the field, Repeat application is suggested in the long duration crops

Pack Size

250ml, 500ml & 1L

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