Technical Name: Ethepon 39% SL

Features: It is plant growth regulator with systemic property


  • Mango
  • Pine apple
  • Coffee (Arabica)
  • Coffee (Robusta)
  • Tomato
  • Rubber
  • Cucumber


  • Mango-
    a)For breaking alternate bearing tendencies
    b)For Flower induction in juvenile mango
    c)Post-harvest treatment (For Uniform Ripening)
  • Pine apple- For flower induction
  • Coffee (Arabica)- For uniform ripening of berries, One spray at fly pricking stage ,when 10-15% berries are ripened.
  • Coffee (Robusta)- For uniform ripening of berries, one spray at fly pricking stage, when 10-15% berries are ripened.
  • Tomato-Post-harvest treatment
    (For Uniform Ripening)
  • Rubber- Yielding rubber latex
    Cucumber (Sex Unifeircation), Rubber


  • Mango (Flower induction in juvenile mango) 308-410ml/ acre, 600-800 lit water , 5ml in 10 lit water.
  • Breaking alternate bearing : 1538-2051ml/ acre, 600-800lit water, 26ml in 10lit water.
  • Post-harvest treatment : 770-1025ml/ acre 600-800L Water , 13ml in 10lit water.
  • Pineapple: flower induction 154-205ml/ acre 600-800L water (2.5 ml in 10 lit water).
  • Coffee (Arabica) : Uniform ripening of berries : 295-395ml/ acre 600-800 water 5ml in 10lit water.
  • Coffee (Robusta) Uniform ripening of berries : 86-115ml/ acre 600-800L Water 2.5ml in 10lit water.
  • Tomato : Post-harvest treatment 65ml in 10lit water.
  • Cucumber: 64ml- 128ml/ acre, at 5 leaf stage of cucumber, 200-400L water, dissolve 65ml formulation in 10L water.
  • Rubber: March, August, September & November, four times bark swabing, Dissolve 26ml formulation in 10L of water.

Pack Size

100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L

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