K- Max Energy

Technical Name: AMF -FCO (Approved by ECOCERT & RSOCA)

Features: Fertilizer ( Approved by RSOCA & ECOCERT for Organic Farming)


  • All Crops


  • For Soil Health & Crop Health


  • 4 kg per acre
  • 8 kg per acre for Sugarcane
  • Potato and Bulb crops


  • 100% Biological product that Improves Soil health and helps in balancing soil pH over repeated application in the fields
  • Plants become healthier and more vigorous and produce higher yields
  • Helps in fighting against the abiotic stresses (Drought, salinity)
  • Quality produce helps farmers in earning more price for their output
  • K Max Energy helps plant to absorb unused phosphatic fertilizer from the soil, Improve Fertilizer Use efficiency and water use efficiency
  • It also acts as anti-senescence

Pack Size

500gm, 1kg, 4kg, 12 kg & 48 kg

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