Jai- Gibb

Technical Name: Gibbrellic Acid T 90 % Tech WW

Features: Plant Growth Regulator


  • Grapes
  • Sweet Cherry
  • Brinjal
  • Grape fruits
  • Grape Seedless


  1. Grapes – At Full Bloom For fruit set/ Week of 1st/ May (for June fruit drop)/ week of 1st Oct. (for pre. harvest drop),
  2. Sweet Cherry – when more than 60% bud Open
  3. Brinjal – Seed Treatment dipping/ When four weeks old Blanket spray
  4. Grapes Seedless: Blanket Spray at full bloom and post bloom


  • Grape Fruits: Dissolve 5.5 to 11gm/ 10L of Water
  • Sweet Cherry: Dissolve 0.45gm – 0.9gm/ 10L of Water
  • Grapes: Dissolve 1.1gm/10L of water
  • Grapes Seedless: 0.17gm to 0.68gm/ 10L of water
  • Brinjal: 0.11gm/ 10L of water (seed treatment dipping)
  • Brinjal : 0.55gm/ 10L of water (when four years old blanket spray-Weekly)

Pack Size

1gm, 5gm, 10gm, 100gm, 1kg

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