Social responsibility is defined as the “responsibility of business of contributing to society”.

There can be many levels of social responsibility, like the responsibility of the business to be profitable for growth of GDP, legal responsibility (businesses must comply with the law and regulations), ethical and moral responsibility. All these converge into a single end objective: To bring about a positive change in society. For an organization catering to the agribusiness sector and having farmers at the centre of its offerings; research spending of millions for developing new crop protection products, which ultimately contribute to increasing crop yields, is a noble way of doing the same.

KREPL in its endeavour to give back to society has taken multiple initiatives for the same. Some ongoing initiatives are: donating medicines to the poor, monetary help to the poor and needy, constructing infrastructure to encourage sports participation, awareness programs focused on sanitation and hygiene.
To further enhance the impact and develop an organization-wide approach towards social responsibility, we have decided to establish a Culture of Giving. Various CSR initiatives of our organization, ongoing as well upcoming will be undertaken under this initiative. Proposals for initiatives can be submitted by any team member. Geographically, we will be focusing first on 15 states across the country, based on the inputs from the local team and our NGO partners. Moving forward, we plan to develop a society centric approach in our organization through various initiatives/workshops led by senior leaders. As of now, we have shortlisted a few priority areas which will benefit society to a large extent; these include Poverty alleviation, rural hygiene and nutrition, agriculture, sports infrastructure, and female health.

At the outset, we are still a long way from developing and growing our footprint in the social domain, but we are progressing in the right direction.

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