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Krish Biotech:

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Krish Biotech Research Pvt. Ltd (KBRPL) is R & D based contract research organization and is a scientific and technical support base of KREPL and Agrolife Science Corporation (ALSC). KBRPL is an independent scientific company providing expert contract research services to agrochemicals, pharmaceutical and other industries. The laboratory is located in Kalyani, which is only 60 km from Kolkata, the city of joy; the facility is well equipped with all advanced and sophisticated instruments and equipments needed to pursue research and development activities.

KBRPL has qualified and experienced scientific and technical personnel to effectively manage various facilities. Every product launched from both KREPL and ALSC is the culmination of years of extensive investigative trials conducted at KBRPL.

KBRPL, Kalyani has NABL ISO:17025 accreditation from Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), New Delhi. The data generated by this centre is acceptable to the regulatory authorities for registration of pesticide products.

Testing Facility


KBRPL laboratory with 60,000 sq. ft area spread over 90,000 sq. ft campus is located adjacent to Kolkata-Kalyani expressway. The state of art laboratory is designed and developed based on the requirement of Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) principles good laboratory practice (GLP) with all other supporting facilities like test item control office (TICO), document and specimen archive, quality assurance unit (QAU), workstations for scientists, dose formulation rooms, etc.

The animal house created with double corridor system, have 19 animal rooms with controlled HVAC and barrier systems like change room, feed and bedding material storage rooms, washing and sterilizing area with clean rooms.
The facility includes analytical chemistry (chromatography and spectroscopy) laboratory, physical chemistry, wet chemistry laboratory, clinical chemistry laboratory, histopathology and necropsy laboratory and host of other facilities to fulfill regulatory requirements.

Quality and Commitment


The testing facility has already gone through ISO-17025:2005 in the field of chemical and biological testing. The laboratory follows international standards of research and OECD principles of good laboratory practice (GLP) to conduct all regulatory and non-regulatory studies in the field of chemistry, toxicity, bio-efficacy and residue data generation. Other activities include discovery and development of new molecules and new formulations.

Regulatory Studies


Analytical and product chemistry services include:

  • Physiochemical properties of active and formulations.
  • Product specification.
  • Method of analysis (development and validation).
  • Analytical test report.
  • Identification and quantification of identifiable impurities.
  • Five representative batch analysis.
  • Shelf life studies (storage stability 54±2 ºC,upto 30 month).
  • Container content compatibility studies.
  • Studies on environmental fate and metabolism in plant, water and soil.
  • Compatibility and effect of chemicals on beneficial microflora under field conditions.
  • Residue analysis and dissipation of parent compound

Toxicology services include:

  • Acute toxicity studies in rat, mouse, rabbit (oral, dermal, ip, im, iv).
  • Acute toxicity in rat (inhalation).
  • Skin irritation/corrosion in rabbit.
  • Mucous membrane irritation in guinea pig.
  • Skin sensitization in guinea pig.
  • Synergism and potentiation study in rat.
  • Sub-acute toxicity studies – oral, inhalation, or dermal in rat or rabbit.
  • Reproduction studies in rat (1- generation / 2 – generations).
  • Teratogenecity study in rat.
  • Acute avian toxicity studies using chicken or pigeons.
  • Ecotoxicology studies on fish, daphnia, earthworm, and honey-bees.


Located at -> T-QK-17(Part), WBIIDC, Phase –III, Kalyani, Nadia, West Bengal 741235 India.

Agro Life Science Corporation:


Agrolife Science Corporation (ALSC) is one of the sister concern of Krishi Rasayan Exports Pvt. Ltd. and was established in 2006 to supply agrochemicals in technical grade and formulations to other co-manufacturers and formulators in India. With three factories at Panoli (Gujarat), Kathua (Jammu and Kashmir) and Changodar (Ahmedabad) having state-of-art production facilities, this group of company has set a target to achieve an annual turnover of US$ 100 million in the next three years.

The company has all the necessary plant and machinery to manufacture all kinds of formulations such as EC, SC, WDG, WP and FS. We have separate industrial sheds for manufacturing and packing Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides products. ALSC also involved in marketing of farm equipments under the brand name of “DHARA”.

Truly Nolen Pest Control:


Marching ahead

As a new foray into the Pest Management in public health & households, Krishi Rasayan Exports Pvt. Ltd. has entered into technical tie up with TRULY NOLEN INTERNATIONAL, U.S.A. The vision behind this agreement is to provide the best quality pest management services in household, commercial and industrial premises. Established in 1938 Truly Nolen International has become a power to be reckoned with in the pest management business worldwide. The Truly Nolen visionary approach to pest and termite control has flourished and expanded globally in the last seven decades of business. It is working in 47 countries having more than 120 offices worldwide. With this collaboration Krishi has started scientific and methodical pest control in public health and household sectors and getting wonderful response from people due to technical expertise and safe way of treatment.

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